Theatre festival "Golden Mask in Estonia 2016"
The festival will take place: 8-18 of October 2016

Organizer in Estonia: NPO ART- Fortius (registry code 80338718, mailing address - Vabaduse vlk. 5, Tallinn 10141. E-mail
Sponsors in Estonia: Ministry of Culture, Cultural Heritage Department of Tallinn, Kultuurkapital, Kesklinna Valitsus.

Organizer in Russia: Festival "Zolotaja Maska". Homepage
Sponsors in Russia: Ministry of Culture, Moscow City Government (Office of Culture), St. Petersburg City Government (Office of Culture).

Every autumn festival "Golden Mask" offers the audience an exclusive opportunity to become acquainted with Russia's best theater productions in their most varied forms — drama, ballet, musical and puppet theatre.
For the past 11 years our audience has grown up to 57 000 people and the performances are usually sold out long before the festival begins. 2016's playbill includes six shows, performed all together twelve times.

October 8th. 19.00 and October 9th. 17.00 Venue: Vaba Lava
School of Dramatic Art and Dmitry Krymov Laboratory (Moscow)
Extempore. A. Pushkin’ Eugene Onegin
More info here. Even more inforrmation you can find here.

October 10-11th. Venue: Rahvusooper Estonia 19.00
Tovstonogov Bolshoi Drama Theater (Saint-Petersburg)
Ivan Vyrypaev’s Drunk 

October, 11-12th. Venue: Vaba Lava 19.00
School of Dramatic Art and Dmitry Krymov Laboratory (Moscow) 
Russian Blues: Hunting for mushrooms
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October, 14th. Venue: Nordea Kontserdimaja 19.00
Theatre Satyricon (Moscow) 
The man from restaurant

October, 15th. Venue: Sillamäe Cultural Center 12.00
October, 16th. Venue: Russian theatre 14.00 and 17.00
Youth Theatre (Saint-Petersburg)
Little boat with white sails was sailing

October, 17-18th. Venue: Rahvusooper Estonia 19.00
Theatre of Musical Comedy (Saint-Petersburg)
Jekyll & Hyde 
More info here. Official website of the performance is here.

General information:

Golden Mask is the National Theatre Award established in 1993 by the Theatre Union of Russian Federation. The Golden Mask Award is the most prestigious award that is given to productions in all genres of theatre art: drama, opera, ballet, modern dance, operetta, musical, and puppet theatre.  

Golden Mask is also an all-Russian Theatre Festival that takes place in Moscow in the spring of each year demonstrating the most significant premiers of the previous season. 

Since 2005 the Golden Mask has been developing its activity in the field of international cultural cooperation presenting the best of Russian theatre in Estonia. Festival Golden Mask in Estonia is one of the most important theatre events of the year, interest in which unites Russian and Estonian public. Golden Mask in Estonia is being held for 11 years in a row now. In 2016 Estonia will see 12th Festival.